The Dylan Team is dressed in new… tailor made suits from the Dutch brand Suit Supply and aprons from the Swedish brand Sandqvist!

The Swedish bag brand Sandqvist was founded in 2004 by Anton Sandqvist. Together, with his brother Daniel and their friend Sebastian, they are the soul behind the brand. A childhood spent outdoors in rural Sweden has profoundly influenced Sandqvist’s designs. Think Nordic landscapes with vast unpopulated areas, soaring mountains and remote cabins. Accordingly, Sandqvist’s bags are uncomplicated and beautiful, with a clear Swedish heritage. Besides its signature backpacks, Sandqvist designs aprons in heavy 18 oz cotton canvas, in collaboration with Swedish star chef Niklas Ekstedt: quality guaranteed! The aprons are made with full grain, vegetable-tanned leather.  This material gives their products an organic quality and ages beautifully. No pigment is used to conceal defects in the leather, which is why some scratches and imperfections may be visible, adding character to the product.

The new aprons do not only look great, they are also comfortable and can store all the supplies they need to give you the best possible service!

What is an apron without a suit? We are not talking about just a suit, but a tailor made suit by Suit Supply!

“We are there for people who want to create their own space – not just to fit in, but to find their own fit” – Fokke de Jong

Suit Supply is a Dutch company founded by Fokke de Jong in 2000. His suits are now sold all over the world! The suits are made of superior fabrics that are sourced from the most respected and prestigious mills in the northern Italian region known as Biella. At Suit Supply they put uncompromising care into the understated, and sometimes unnoticed nuances; because it’s not only about the big picture, the details are what make the difference. No wonder that we found a perfect match with Suit Supply!


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