The month of new books, new movies, new clothes and newly acquired ideas about how to live life – that’s September. Quite exhausting really, so we will not be adding too much to your little to do-lists. Instead, to reduce post-summer vacation anxiety, here’s a simple list of Amsterdam staples, to help you decide what to do when there is too much to do.


Waterstones or Athenaeum?

Kalverstraat 152, Spui 14-16

First, purchase a couple (or ten) of your favourite magazines at Athenaeum’s excellent newsstand on the Spui. You will find a varied international selection, from the Italian Vogue to obscure German art papers. Then skip the Athenaeum bookstore and march over the cobbled square, straight into Waterstones to get some stamps for your loyalty card. Take your newly acquired friends to Hoppe or get comfortable on one of the public benches, to sit and just read.


Laura Dols or Episode?

Wolvenstraat 7, Berenstraat 1, Kalverstraat 181-183


When it comes to vintage there are three kinds of girls. The ones that like polka dots, the ones that like Levi’s 501 jeans, and the ones that would rather wear last season’s H&M than browse through a rack of smelly hand-me-downs. The polka dots must go to Laura Dols, where they can spend the afternoon running up and down three floors, twirling in tutu’s, piling on pillbox hats and trying on wedding dresses. The 501’s must go to one of the Episode-stores, to find utterly cool items, from mom jeans to leather boots, Scandi knits and Adidas sports T-shirts. The H&M girls must go to the store on Rokin, where the grand interior will make them forget about the made in Bangladesh label inside their 90’s inspired fall dress.


Ajax or Concertgebouw?

Arena Boulevard 1, Concertgebouwplein 10

For the first time in four years, Ajax qualified for the Champions League. The past weeks a lot of its players were the object of hot negotiations between the more affluent European clubs, but Ajax kept its young promises on board and so, next season should be interesting. Just as interesting perhaps, as who will succeed Daniel Gatti – the now ex-chief conductor of the Concertgebouworkest, who was forced to leave after allegations of inappropriate behaviour.  He too. So where to spend your Sunday afternoon? The Johan Cruijff Arena or the Concertgebouw? Up to you. Both are Amsterdam shrines where you will see Gods play until they fall. There is no wrong choice.


Leeman Doner or Kaagman en Kortekaas?

Van Woustraat 160, Sint Nicolaasstraat 49

A kebab joint on busy van Woustraat, or fine and modern cooking in Amsterdam’s city centre? Don’t be silly, it’s September! There is so much to do! Grab that really amazing and reputed donner on the go and hurry to see the what’s on in the Stedelijk Museum. Kaagman en Kortekaas will just have to wait till a quieter time (but it will be worth the wait).