Every year on the 27th of April (since the King’s coronation in 2013), throngs of orange-garbed Amsterdammers descend upon the streets to celebrate King Willem-Alexander’s special day. Celebrate with us!
King’s Day is Holland’s biggest birthday party, and many get off to celebrate. The night before, the pre-party gets started. King’s Night starts on the evening of the 26th, when clubs, bars and pubs are open to welcome many people for drinks and to party.

On the day itself, there are plenty of parties to choose from. From huge open-air dance events to small stages on the streets of Amsterdam to events in the neighborhood at cafes and bars. It is also the day of citywide flea markets, where locals and visitors of all ages setting up stalls and be market traders for the day.

Bar Brasserie OCCO will be open during this day for lunch, High Wine, dinner or for a drink. To celebrate his special day, we serve a special Dutch birthday drink ‘’De Leeuwenkoning’’ (The Lion King). Specially made with only Dutch products. Give it a try during King’s Day or stir it at home.


  • 40 cc ‘’Van wees Oranje Bitter’’ (orange) fruit liqueur
  • 20 cc Catz Gin
  • 50 cc Apostolhoeve brut
  • Amsterdam’s fizzy water
  • 1 orange peel
  • 1 straw in the colors of the Dutch flag
Build this cocktail in a high ball and start with Oranjebitter, Catz gin and Apostolhoeve. Stir two times and top off with Amsterdam’s fizzy water. Garnish the cocktail with a large peel of orange around the straw.