Our main goal at The Dylan Amsterdam is making our guests happy. To fulfil our standards we are always looking for the best products. We want to surprise and please every guest who walks through the door.

For our tea selection, we have chosen a close collaboration with Kiona Malinka.
She is a woman with a great eye for tea. She spends most of her days looking for tea farmers who have a different kind of taste. Farmers who think further than old tea stuffed in a bag.

The beautiful thing about working with such products is that no one expects tea to be this surprising.
A cup full of freshness and depth, but also the techniques in which this is prepared.
Also in our cocktails is tea a close friend, for infusions and excitement.
We have served a large range of cocktails using tea from Da Hong Pao syrup or Whiskey punches with Baobob Herbal tea to Vodka infused with Ceylon and Bergamot essence.

At this moment we have a tropical creation on our Mocktail list, The I Love You Very Matcha. It’s a combination of fresh pineapple juice, coconut soy milk, fresh grapefruit juice and Matcha tea which is whisked to a creamy heaven.

So for the next time you can switch your regular coffee for a whisked up tea!