Bar Barbou has not always been the fancy bar that it is today… Back then no one could have imagined that we would drink cocktails here!

During the time that the Old and Poor People’s Office was situated on the site of The Dylan, large numbers of poor Catholics regularly visited the office for food and alms. Only the poorest people, also known as the ‘shameful’ poor were allowed to collect their alms at the Regents’ home. All the poor would line up in the Long Gallery, to wait before collecting their alms, one at a time in the alms room. The alms room was located in the area where Bar Barbou is currently situated.

Before the refurbishment by FG Stijl in 2006, Bar Barbou was a private dining room. The Courtyard and Ariana room had still not been created and this historical door closed the area on the Courtyard side.

The bar is named after Jean Baptiste Barbou, who laid the first stone of the building on the 24th October 1772. This was the first stone of the new building, after the fire on 11th May of the same year.

Nowadays, the bar specializes in serving cocktails. Drinks are also served in the Lounge and on the terrace.

The Dylan opened the new OCCO Bar Brasserie on the 22nd of March 2016, a place where quality, craftsmanship and service are paramount.

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