In my opinion, due to prejudice there can be a lot of underappreciated products out there, and Jenever is definitely high on the list. Viewed as just a shot in the bar or in my case my grandfather’s favourite drink, it has a bit of a dusty image. A recent trip to Herman Janssen in Schiedam with the master distiller Ad van der Lee and Dutch owner Jos Zonneveld, has really reignited my love for Jenever once again.

Luckily the trend of using local products has created a new interest for Jenever by both international and national guest at our hotel. This has given us the opportunity to play around with the different flavours and to broaden our assortment with up to 10 Jenevers. The current Jenevers that we have range from a botanical fresh flavoured Jenever to a malty three years aged Jenever as a whisky substitute.

One of our most ordered cocktails is the Double or Nothing, which consists out of: Kever Jenever, Double Dutch, Orgeat syrup and fresh mint.

The new style of Kever Genever brings a curtain of sweetness to the table which makes it a perfect Jenever for a first experience and aperitif.

So, for your next Bartenders choice at the bar try something different for a change. Don’t order a Gin or Vodka based drink but better try something local, order a Jenever based cocktail and our bartenders can go all out!

Bottoms up!

Merlijn Kemper

OCCO Bar & Brasserie Manager

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