At our current day and age, a menu with low alcohol cocktails (Low ABV) & exciting alcohol-free drinks is a must. The Dylan Amsterdam has been working on this for quite some time and started serving an alcohol-free Gin a couple years back. We have only expanded in this genre with an alcohol-free spirit called Seedlip and a whole collection of soda’s. Seedlip is the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit of liquor. It is made just like a gin with botanics, but then of course without the gin! Perfect if you are the designated driver!

Besides that, we also pair alcohol free creations with the tasting menu of Vinkeles in which we have served everything from a mushroom hot chocolate to a whisked Matcha, and pineapple mocktail.

One of our latest creations is a pairing at Vinkeles with the pigeon main course, we smoke the cocktail with fresh sprigs of thyme and cinnamon.

The cocktail itself consists of the following:

  • Karma Cola, An Organic soda made with Cola Nuts
  • Beetroot juice
  • Selo coffee fruit

An unusual combination of flavors, which doesn’t make for a great combination on paper but works excellent in a glass.

Are you on for a first date? Little bit nervous and you want to be sharp? Taste our “My first date”. A lovely drink with homemade date syrup, pomegranate, wostok pear and rosemary!

Next to this, our bartenders love to create something on the spot based on your Zodiac Sign or taste profile.

So, on your next alcohol-free day do not be mocked for ordering a boring Cola or Ginger Ale but make everybody jealous with our awesome alcohol-free drinks!


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