Autumn is coming

With every season we find new inspiration to surprise our guests with new creations.

Inspiration is a funny thing which I derive from different art and history, ranging from music, film, nature and more.

Our summer menu was based on the different parts of the Netherlands with flavour profiles based on ‘De Waddeneilanden’, ‘Het Zonnige Zuiden’ and ‘The Randstad’.

For the new menu I have chosen a more common approach basing all our cocktails on Movie Genres, obviously not a new idea, but definitely, a fun one to play with.

Finding my inner child with our mocktail and non-alcoholic group based on Disney movies was one of my favourite moments during the creative process.

My favourite mocktail definitely being ‘Hundred Acre Wood’ based on Winnie the Pooh.

It is based on black tea, Dehydrated Rose Mushrooms, Forest Fruit,  woodchip perfume and obviously a lot of honey.

Besides this, we are presenting a menu around a lot of spices, including some out of this world peppers and spice melanges from the Middle East. And obviously, the cachaca has been traded in for aged and spiced rum.

I can’t wait for that first cold day sipping cocktails by the fire enjoying a blue Sunday with some Frank Sinatra on the back, how about you?


Merlijn Kemper

Bar & Brasserie Manager