At a glance, a lot of whiskies may appear to taste similar and you end up drinking something because you remember it was your Uncle’s favorite. But the delicate nuances or sometimes bold flavors are the reasons why this one spirit can thrill me so much. Not only from Scotland and Ireland, the rightful birthplace of this malted spirit, but further to America, Japan and even Taiwan.

A few years ago I took a trip to Islay to visit distilleries on this seemingly quiet island off the west coast of Scotland.
I have never been greeted with a more communal sense of friendship and welcoming to people to indulge in a tradition which has been made on the island for well over 200 years. Although there are few whiskies I disliked, there are few that I liked so much such as Ardbeg. The caramel toasted sweetness from the barrels, with a lingering of orange oils and a sharp presence reminds you of the boldness of the Scottish folk but then warms you inside and represents a true spirit of the Scotland.

– Kjersti Scotton – Head Bartender at Bar Brasserie OCCO

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