The Dutch have never been infamous for their craft beers, but over the last few years there is a worldwide storm going and it’s rocking our world of beer.

For the bar at The Dylan Amsterdam it meant we got to search for local brewers understanding what it means to surprise our guests.

For me as a thirty-year-old it made me happy to find a few breweries, who I have personal contact with and obviously a lot of tastings to find the beers which represent the Dylan character.

There are Brewers we love working most with, these are Oedipus and Two Chefs Brewing. Both of them understand our guests, who enjoy a special character in beer that does not loses its first objective to quench our thirst.

Last year we have matched a beer with a first course of our High Wine: A Steak Tartare.

We selected the Lentebier by Jopen, which has the structure, but also the refreshing notes the dish needed. It surprised many guests, especially comparing a wine and a beer with the dish.

One of my personal favorite beers is the Thai Thai Triple by Oedipus. I personally prefer my beers to be balanced and refreshing; this is exactly how Oedipus feels. So, when they make this Triple they use lemongrass and pepper to balance out the flavor and make sure it rocks your taste buds.

So, come over and enjoy a beer and if you really want to start a buzz, bonus tip: chase it with a shot of jenever.


Merlijn Kemper
Bar & Brasserie Manager

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