To the Dutch Island of Texel for the finest lamb and white asparagus to Tokyo, Japan for the finest Wagyu beef… Chef Dennis Kuipers literally travels the globe to find the finest products, ingredients and tons of inspiration to take back to the Vinkeles kitchen.

Wagyu literally translates to ‘Japanese Cow’. Wagyu beef is well known and desired for its premium quality, the intense marbling and divine flavour. The quality of Japanese Wagyu beef surpasses American and Australian  Wagyu on every level, from the marbling level to the structure, and from the flavour to the colour.

The search for the perfect Wagyu took Chef to Tokyo Japan, to be precise, the region of the Gunma prefecture in the north west of Tokyo. Here in the Gunma region we find the Japanese Black breed. It is here in the Gunma prefecture where the cows enjoy fresh air, clean water and carefully selected food. In Vinkeles this results in Joshu Wagyu Gunma A5 beef served with Chinese Oscietra Caviar, pointed cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke, Shimeji, mushrooms, jus of Dashi vinegar and fermented garlic.

Keen on trying Wagyu beef at home? Wagyu beef is sold in one of our favourite fine food stores Caulils on the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam.

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