What’s up in April


Oude Kerk, 6th of April 8 am, Silence is held every first Friday of the month.

The Oude Kerk may be situated in the middle of Amsterdam’s boisterous red-light district, but if you stand there at 8 am, surrounded by sturdy stone walls, it may as well be Tibet. Admire the early spring sun rays shining through the high church windows and listen to the 11th concert within the Silence series, composed by Franck Krawczyk; a walking concert’ by the name of VOOR (before), for 18 cellists, three soloists, a children’s choir and a soundtrack. For a very zen start of the day.


21st of April until the 21st of May

The Elm, or the Iep (pronounced as “Eep”) is Amsterdam’s favorite tree and as such it is celebrated each spring, when 75.000 Ieps delight us with so called spring snow, formed by the spreading seeds of the tree. Celebrate by walking the special Iepenwalk and check Facebook to participate in different Iep-related activities. For the real fans: the scent of the Iep is captured in a special perfume: Eau D’Amsterdam, Scent of the Elm Trees


Hermitage, until the 26th of May

For the first time in its existence, the Hermitage Amsterdam has mounted a show of Dutch masters from the renowned St Petersburg collection. The biggest collection of Dutch Golden Age Painting outside the Netherlands is now to be admired near our very own Amstel – the exhibition is coming to an end this spring, so make sure not to miss out on this beautiful but temporary homecoming.


Dignita, Nieuwe Herengracht 18a
A great spot for breakfast or lunch, situated in the Hoftuin behind the Hermitage. Enjoy the spring sun on their terrace while feasting on a pile of pancakes (blueberry and lemon curd) and sniffing the scent of fresh (edible!) flowers , or – and this scenario is a lot more likely – take a seat in their glasshouse restaurant and listen to the furious clatter of a spring shower pouring down on the glass ceiling. Both options have their own charm.


Beitelkade 4, open Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6 PM

A big new gallery has opened in North and their inauguration exhibition lines up the work of 16 international artists. The aim of the curators is “to show the study of the internal logic of a foreign world”, and the drive behind it is “the search for a seductive kind of verisimilitude”. That sounds pleasantly vague; exactly as one might expect from a hip new gallery. The space itself, with white brick walls, high ceilings and a dark, polished floor offers the perfect backdrop for quiet wandering and musing.