This month, Amsterdam slowly transforms from an economic hub into the promised land for the better pleasure-seeker. Summer has now really started; universities close their doors, and everyone finds their way to the brightest places under a clear blue sky. If you were planning to visit Amsterdam in July, you’ll be infected by a sense of hedonism that rapidly spreads across the city. 


Johan Cruijf Schaal 

Johan Cruijff Arena

The Dutch premier league football (Eredivisie) traditionally starts with a match between last season’s league champion and the cup holder. The winner of the match will be crowned with the Johan Cruyff Shield, named after the nation’s best player. Since Ajax Amsterdam won both the league and the cup in the 2018 / 2019 season, they will play against the league’s runners-up: PSV from Eindhoven. This means we can look forward to another thrilling start of the season and a great opportunity to visit the country’s largest football stadium. 


Kwaku Festival 

Nelson Mandela Park 

If you love exotic food, tropical music and equatorial flavours, the Kwaku Festival is your place to be. The event started in the mid-seventies as a football tournament to keep the youth of the streets during the summer break. The multicultural festival is now a colourful reflection of the countless cultures that have settled in the capital city. From Korean to Ethiopian and Surinamese, every background comes alive in the bustling south-east. 


Summer Nights Concertgebouw

The Concertgebouw 

The city’s indoor concert venues usually slow down during the warmest months of the year. The historic Concertgebouw however continues its musical journey with the traditional Summer Nights. Part of this series are four thrilling concerts, centring around one of the world’s favourite movies. The performance of ‘Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back’ is led by conductor Dirk Brossé and features a live screening of the Oscar-winning movie. 


Pure market 

Amstel Park, Amsterdam Forest and Park Frankendael

Nearly every week, the Pure Market settles in another green zone of the city. In July the Amstelpark, Amsterdam Forest and Frankendael Park are the stages of three exciting summer editions. More than at a traditional market, locals come to simply have a drink, hang around in the park and purchase the occasional whatnot. Enjoy some of the best artisanal products, unique non-food vendors, casual music and a few laid-back lounge spots.