In August, Amsterdam transforms itself into an open festival terrain. The long warm summer nights give the city the opportunity to host many events out in the open. In this new Concierges Recommendations, we have listed the activities that are worth visiting.

Gay Pride

Where: Prinsengracht. When: 29th of July until the 6th of August.

Yet again: a lot of cities have their own Gay Pride; but not all cities have a Canal Parade. Join the spectators and admire the boats and their colorful, cheering, and dancing passengers drifting by. And why not do a little dancing and cheering yourself. The mood is festive, convivial and welcoming to all, both on the water and on the street. This year the Parade will be happening on the 5th of August.


Where: throughout the city. When: 11th, 12th and 13th of August in the evening

The Grachtenfestival is a lovely way of celebrating summer in the city. During these three evenings about 200 classical concerts are performed in various special locations. If you happened to miss this festival, try to make it to the other quintessential Amsterdam summer thing: The Prinsengrachtconcert, on the water near the Magere Brug, performed a week later in honour and for the Dutch royal family. Locals line up with their boats, but there is nothing wrong with hanging over the side of a gorgeous skinny bridge, where you can catch a glimpse of Maxima, and enjoy the music.

Pluk de Nacht

Where: Stenen Hoofd. When: 16th, 17th and 18th of August.

Every big European city seems to have their own open-air cinema in the summer, and Amsterdam has one worth remembering, Pluk de Nacht. Screen gazing in the Dutch night air feels like being at a summer camp and the sandy bit of rock jutting out into the IJ Amsterdam’s waterfront is where it all happens. Bring cold drinks and a bag of crisps, a plaid and a pullover and enjoy whatever arty, strange, European thing the organization decided to present. If you come on time you can as well rent a beach chair.


Where: Jacob Bontiusplaats 1, Amsterdam

When the thermometer hits 30 and you are stuck in a foreign city, where the heat is caught between gravel, pavement and bricks, an escape to the cinema or to the museum might seem like your safest bet. These are excellent choices, but a better option might be to go to Roest; a hip, shabby venue in the east of town with a real sandy city beach and water to dive in. Is it crowded on a summer day? Of course, it is. But it’s also a fascinating spot to observe the young and the pretty. The food here is tasty and there is a broad array of strange, expensive, foreign bottled drinks to choose from, something that every hipster seems to have, or if you prefer just stick with a Corona.


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