June is here and we are counting down before summer begins. Every month of spring has something special, especially in June. Because of this reason, we will share the events that are worth visiting, so you can fully enjoy the last month of spring.

    • No green is quite as tender as the green of Amsterdam’s budding trees that line the canals, basking in the light of a spring afternoon. If green is what you’re after don’t miss the Open Tuinen Dagen on the 16th, 17th and 18th of June. About 30 gardens of private owners, as well as public institutions, will be open to the public to visit.
    • Do a little wine tasting at the Bachus Wijnfestival in the Amsterdamse Bos, one of the largest city parks in Europe. Sommeliers will answer your questions while topping up your glass.
    • Discover chic and dainty Oud-Zuid and explore Art-Zuid, an art exhibition that, every year, lines the quiet streets of Zuid with renowned art and sculptures. The Apollolaan has never been the same since Jean Fabre’s giant golden turtle slowly made its way up in 2011.
    • Insider Tip: Leave the city behind and wander north. Broek en Waterland is only 5 km from the city center but it’s a haven of peace and water and grass. Rent a small electrical boat (a ‘whisper boat’) at Twiske Haven, bring a picnic and a couple of cold beers, and escape the bustle of the city for a quiet afternoon.
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