This month we proudly introduced a new house wine, the Riesling ‘Cuvee The Dylan’ 2014, Trittenheimer Altärchen, Moezel, Germany, to be perfectly precise! 

We spoke to our sommelier Marco Ijpma about the new kid on the block, or better in our bar! 

“In 2013 I discovered the wines of Bernhard Eifel via wine importer Martijn Verkerk from Smaragd Wijnen. In March 2014 I took my first trip to the steep vineyards on the banks of the Mosel River in Germany. During a dinner with Bernhard and his wife, the idea was born to produce the ‘Cuvee The Dylan’ during the next harvest.

In March 2015 I took a second trip to Germany. I visited the wine cellars to taste wines from different barrels and then to decide which wine would be a perfect ‘Cuvee The Dylan’. It soon appeared that the Riesling from the Trittenheimer Alträchen vineyards was just that wine.

A dry wine with a pleasant interaction in sweet and sour notes, lots of fruit, nicely balanced minerals and incredibly juicy. The wine was bottled last April and the labels custom made. And then it was time to wait for our ‘Cuvee The Dylan’ to arrive. And it did… Early this month!”

Marco Ijpma - The Dylan Amsterdam

Trittenheim is a small village located along the Mosel river. Weingut Bernhard Eifel is truly a ‘Traditionsweingut’ at heart, where grapes are grown and wines are made since 1635. The winery is owned and supervised by Marietta and Bernard Eifel since 1976. For a few years now their daughter Alexandra is more and more involved in the wine making process as well, and just like her parents she is a true wine expert and enthusiast.

The vineyards of the Mosel are located in the western part of Germany and extend between the French – Luxembourg border and the Rhine river. Located on the right bank of the Mosel river you’ll find the idyllic Trittenheim.

The steep terraces planted with Riesling grapes are located in the valley in between the mountain ranges of Hunsrück on the one side and the Eiffel on the other side, this creates a perfect microclimate.

This is complemented by the U-turn that the Mosel river makes near Trittenheim, this ensures that the Riesling  grapes that grow there are sometimes powerful, sometimes elegant and sometimes fruity, nevertheless they are certainly never boring!

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