December is loaded with countless festivities and a bunch of merry days. Now, we know that in all that warmth, joy and deliciousness you sometimes lose track of time. That’s why we’d like to make things easy: below is your course of action for each festive day in Amsterdam. The romantic bit of snowfall was the only thing we weren’t able to plan ahead.

Sinterklaas at the Pepernoten Fabriek

Singel 500

Ever seen a holy Saint sailing all the way from Spain to surprise millions of excited children? Then it must have been Sinterklaas: a tradition that is as Dutch as it gets. Over the course of two weeks, both kids and grownups eat many, if not too many, ‘pepernoten’. The Pepernoten Fabriek is filled to the brim with these irresistible little biscuits. Make sure to get all the flavours you fancy before the good old man leaves the country.

Christmas Eve at Paradiso

Weteringschans 6-8

Amsterdam’s most famous and intimate pop temple is a former church. This Christmas Eve, classical music returns to Paradiso for once and forever. The Camerata members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will play the most striking symphonies, including the emotional Grand Partita of Mozart.

Christmas Day at Occo

Keizersgracht 384

For many, the holiday season is about endless dining and wining. We can only agree. That is why Brasserie Occo at The Dylan serves a stunning lunch and dinner, to help you surviving Christmas in true gourmet style. Reserve the 4-course Christmas menu and enjoy an unforgettable day with your loved ones.

New Year’s Eve at Pllek

T.T. Neveritaweg 59

Amsterdam is full of magnetic events, parties and happenings on the very last day of the year. Not in for the frills and thrills? Then Pllek is your spot for an easygoing evening with good food and music. And the best is yet to come: from this waterside location, you will have a stunning view of the city’s mesmerizing fireworks.

New Year’s Day at the Beach

Beachclub No. 5 Zandvoort

That other tradition: the ice-cold New Year’s Dip. On the first of January, thousands of daredevils flock to the beach for a plunge in the freezing water of the North Sea. Not such an adventurer? Then watch all the madness and enjoy a refreshing beach hike. Zandvoort Beach is easy to reach by train in 30 minutes from Amsterdam Central station.