One of the unique selling points of The Dylan Amsterdam is its enclosed garden. This type of garden is typical in Amsterdam, as many of the buildings are situated between two canals.

The garden is used on a daily basis, if the weather allows it, as a terrace. Because the garden is fully surrounded by the hotel, the garden is a very quiet area, which is quite unique because the hotel is located in the very center of Amsterdam.
At both ends of the garden writing can be seen. There is one plaque above the entrance to the garden and one on the opposite side, both written in Old Dutch. “Beschouw op nieuw een huis, waar nog het lustig kroost van ijver d’ouden stok in zijn elende troost” The saying is a reference to the building’s historic purposes: Amsterdam’s first theater (from 1632-1772) and the Roman Catholic Old and Poor People’s Office (1773-1998). This saying is a reference to 1773, when the building was the Old and Poor People ́s Office. “Beschouw opnieuw een huis” meaning consider a new house, referring to the fact that after the 1772 fire a new building was erected to serve the new purpose.

The saying opposite the entrance says: “’t Weleer verwoest tooneel, ‘t paleis der poëzij. Strekt u behoeftig mensch! Hier tot een bakkerij”. This saying is referring to the historical theater, which burned down. In the second sentence it mentions a bakery referring to the 18th century bakery (in Vinkeles) that was created by the Old and Poor People’s Office.

The garden has a multifunctional use. Besides being used as a terrace it is also used for weddings, parties, launches and other events.

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