The iconic Amsterdam canals have inspired people for well over four centuries. From artists to souvenir makers. From merchants to romantic couples. Since a couple of years the canals are also a source of inspiration for Seroj de Graaf, a designer of lifestyle products, including cufflinks. His Amsterdam Canal Cufflinks are now on display at The Dylan!

The ‘ultimate cufflinks’
Seroj de Graaf dreamed for years about designing the ultimate cufflinks. Living and working as a designer in Amsterdam, Seroj appreciates the architecture of the canal houses, facing the streets, the water and many trees. He feels that Amsterdam offers the best of both worlds: a contemporary cosmopolitan vibe and the cosiness of a compact historic city.
Hence the idea of capturing the essence of Amsterdam in a set of silver cufflinks was born. The result, a sterling silver -handmade- object, represents an existing series of canal houses, combining the most innovative molding techniques with the traditional craftsmanship of a silversmith.

“Cufflinks are one of the few accessories for a man to really make a difference”

At The Dylan
The cufflinks are available at famous department stores as well as at the Rijksmuseum. The Dylan is proud to be the first hotel that presents the Amsterdam Canals epitomized in silver. Another unique and refined gift available at Amsterdam’s most charming hidden gem

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