In honour of ‘Dierendag’ on the 4th of October, Bar Brasserie OCCO teamed up with Hilary and Nila of F E N T O for an exciting and delicious pop-up event in our own Bar Brasserie OCCO. The pop-up event celebrated sustainability and kindness, with eating vegan!

The Fento is a caterer that focuses on a plant-based Mexican and fusion creative kitchen and are operating in Amsterdam-West. The Fento contributes to a healthy world that is more local, less processed and greener.  For this special event, cooks, nutritionists & founders of The Fento, Hilary and Nila, and our own Executive Chef Dennis Kuipers and his team joined forces.

The plant-based pop-up dinner took place on the 4th of October 2018. This is not a coincidence since we celebrate national pet day on this date, and we did that, with eating vegan in Bar Brasserie OCCO. All the guests explored some local, European & lesser-known superfoods, Mexican-Asian kitchen synergy & Good Mood Foods combined with cocktails and a wine pairing care on this special evening where OCCO met FENTO.

The menu included four courses and a R A W chocolate tasting. The first course was a milk thistle green digestive. Followed by rainbow chard crisp and beet snack stinging nettle dukkah and cashew cream. The next course was a traditional Mexican dish reinterpreted with Japanese accents: thick handmade corn tortillas that are topped with FENTO’s own urban garden tomatoes, the last harvest of the year. The next delicious course was a potent blend of healing spices, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory curry. To round off the evening, a thoughtfully sweet treat supporting sleep and brain cell turnover with ingredients that offer a healthy dose of the L-tryptophan amino acid and 5-HTP, natural anti-depressants and the precursors for sound and deep sleep, truly a happy ending was served.

The vegan pop-up event of FENTO x OCCO was a success and we are already looking forward to other events and new collaborations in the near future!