We are proud to present our unique collaboration with Slijperij J.M. van Rangelrooij supplier of l’Artigiano Scarperia; a Tuscan company that produces handcrafted, high quality table knives. Created without modern techniques, but by way of the same traditional methods that have been used for centuries by the craftsmen of the city of Scarperia.

The result of this partnership is the unique, beautifully designed steak knife Vinkeles. It has a stainless blade in classic Italian ‘bistecca’ shape with Vinkeles engraved on it. The exceptional handle is made of durable, sustainable African wood with fits well with the ambiance of the restaurant.

  • The Vinkeles is an inspiring tribute to quality, craftsmanship and style, values that The Dylan holds close
  • The knives are available in sets of two, four and six and will be provided in a luxurious gift box
  • Perfect as a special gift for the holidays or to bring a little piece of Vinkeles home as a souvenir

For more information on rates and how to purchase please contact us at restaurant@vinkeles.com

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