Some authentic Amsterdam heritage can be found in our Loft rooms. While entering the room it will take you just a few stairs to see the bright white walls combined with beige accents, the minimalistic furniture, but most importantly the original wooden beams which form the foundation of the hotel.

Traditionally most of the canal houses have a basement, a loft and attic dating back to the Dutch trading age. Traded goods could be stored here. Special strong beams and pulley installations are still clearly visible. These where used to hoist up valuable goods like spices, cotton and cocoa. Nowadays the pulleys are still used, only now it is mostly furniture that is hoisted up.

As trading and transport patterns changed, the warehouse function of the attics and basements were no longer used. The Dylan transformed these spaces in to luxurious Loft Style’ rooms and suites, favoured by many guest from all around the globe. Some pictures that they posted during their ‘Loft Story’ on Instagram:

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