This year saw the inaugural Readers’ Travel Awards from British Airways’ digital travel magazine, The Club and The Dylan Amsterdam’s concierge, Michael Wigman has been voted as “most in-the-know concierge”. The hotel’s concierge is renowned for it’s in depth knowledge of the city and “in-the-know” suggestions enabling guests to discover otherwise unknown hidden gems of Amsterdam and Michael is definitely right at the heart of this team.

These awards have been voted by the airline’s Executive Club Members which further highlights the calibre of the readers being of the utmost discerning traveller. The awards celebrate the best-of-the-best in travel, and include categories relating to hotels, spas, bars, restaurants, destinations and airports.

Michael WigmanThe Dylan Amsterdam’s concierge prides itself on having the most unique recommendations and rich knowledge of the city as well as the places to visit nearby the hotel. The hotel offers guests an unrivalled location within the city; it is the ideal base from which to explore the local area as well as the famous wonders of Amsterdam itself. The concierge offer guests personal tips and advice on how to navigate Amsterdam’s streets and all the right places to visit for each individual guest, offering a personal experience all round. From museums to cafes, Michael and his team have the knowledge to help anyone!

Michael recently revealed some of his favourite haunts in the city and somewhere he will definitely be visiting this winter! For a genuine Amsterdam experience, Kaagman & Kortekaas is a must. It will be filled with locals and the two very talented owners will make anyone feel at home! For more of a hidden gem, Juuls will be the place for you; managed by the very talented Chef Tommy Den Hartog, it is a foodie’s dream. Across town, you will find Panache. This café appears simple, but is actually a lot more sophisticated in food as well as the sumptuous cocktails they serve. Just a short stroll from the hotel is Envy. Perennially popular with the locals and guests this one will never grow old! It is ideal for that much needed night cap. Finally, one can’t visit Amsterdam without some sort of gin experience and that is where Gin Neo Bistro & Wines comes in. It is a new kid on the block but sure to be a regular.

Michael is in fact a very well respected member of the Amsterdam Les Clefs d’Or, pronounced “lay clay door”, it is French and literally translates as “keys of gold.”  It is the crème de la crème when it comes to concierges. The crossed gold keys on the hotels members’ lapels are the international symbol of the organisation and show their dedicated membership.  They confirm that guests are dealing with an experienced concierge, one who’s dedicated to providing excellent service to all. Having been a long-standing member of the Les Clefs d’Or, Michael has recently been honoured by the organisation for being an outstanding concierge and a true role model for the branch.

The hotel is proud to have Michael as part of the team and dedicated not only to his role but also promoting Amsterdam as a leading city. Keep an eye out for more of Michael’s tips throughout the year in order to get the true local experience of Amsterdam.

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