A great hotel needs a great bar. This is what the owners of The Dylan must have thought when giving the Amsterdam based Studio Linse the job.

Former projects Studio Linse worked on include the Rijksmuseumcafé -and restaurant and the immensely popular Restaurant Plantage that opened near Artis Zoo. Wide open places: roomy, airy, always contemporary but never cold. The Dylan bar fits right in with that tradition. And more specifically; the bar is designed to be a liveley place right at the heart of the hotel.

First of all the elegant rounded counter is not set apart but is positioned right in the restaurant. So people can sip their Martinis and enjoy dinner in the very same room- hardly revolutional but very effective. The roundness of the bar is consistent throughout all the furniture, the rounded, feminine shapes adding to the inviting feel of the place. Brass, velvet and marble are chosen to stay in line with the traditional feel of the hotel, but there is nothing heavy about these rich materials; instead they convey a modern sort of classic that blends in effortlessly with the rest of the hotel. Bricks on the floor and wooden stools add a touch of roughness and warmth is emphasized by a colour scheme that holds shades of ocre and rich indigo. A certain playfulness comes from the different levels at which guest might be seated; high up on a bar stool enjoying a drink, down in a loveseat, or seated at the dinner table. The result is clean, contemporary and sophisticated. The Dylan got their great bar.

Bar Brasserie OCCO