Restaurant Vinkeles is a unique destination in the heart of Amsterdam. The intimate and historic setting offers the perfect ambiance to enjoy the refined dishes of Chef Dennis Kuipers and his brigade. As Restaurant Vinkeles is housed in an old bakery which was set up in 1787 by the Regents, it contains some of The Dylan’s best kept secrets…

The Dylan site (from 1613-1772 a theatre called the ‘Duytsche Academie’) was sold in 1773 to the Roman Catholic Church who set up a charity called the Old and Poor People’s Office. In 1787 the Regents decided to bake bread inside the building for the old and poor. A bakery was created on the location where restaurant Vinkeles can be found today. The ovens were used until 1811. Today the ovens are still intact and visible, making the site of the restaurant even more special.

Restaurant Vinkeles is named after the great Dutch artist Reinier Vinkeles. This famous engraver from Amsterdam lived from 1741 until 1816. During his life he produced some impressive etchings and drawings including works showing the site where The Dylan is situated.

One thing very noticeable, is the painted door at the back of restaurant Vinkeles. This door originates from the time the site was used for Amsterdam’s first theater. This door has a picture of Gijsbrecht van Aemstel on it, which is the main character in Joost van den Vondel’s play of the same name. This play was shown on the opening night of the theater. Originally, the door was situated in the Bar Barbou area, but nowadays it is exhibited in restaurant Vinkeles. During renovations in the 1980’s the painting was discovered, it had been covered with layers of paint for years.


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