Among all the amazing cocktails that are served at OCCO, three of them require a little extra attention. Not just because they are that good (they definitely are that good) but because they can give you an idea of what OCCO is all about. The coming weeks we will feature all of these OCCO cocktails in order to give you an impression of what you will be experiencing on your next OCCO visit.

The Dylan Thomas

It is no secret that Dylan Thomas loved his whisky. Nor is it a secret that Bob Dylan, who loved Dylan Thomas,  also loved his wine. So what was OCCO left to do?

That’s right. In a tribute to these two very different, but very great Dylans, OCCO designed a cocktail to unite both of their favourite drinks in a nice old fashioned flask. And it’s quite something. Not one for the faint-hearted, but one that adventurous spirits will be sure to appreciate.

While you are left to sip your drink, you will be pondering into poetry and thoughts: “Do not go gentle into that good night”…..

The Dylan Thomas – Singleton whisky,  Grand Marnier,  Spatburgunder, vanilla and flamed sugar

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