We have a wide range of Classic Grand French wines on our wine list at Restaurant Vinkeles. This means that we offer guests an extensive choice of white and red wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux, and additionally well-known areas from Italy and Spain. One of my personal favorite regions from our wine list is the Ribero del Duero.

For thousands of years, wine has been made in this wine region in Nothern / Central Spain, on the banks of the river “Duero”. A French monk once brought classic Bordeaux grapes to this area to make wine,  but the main grape remains “Tinto Fino” which is the local name for Tempranillo. It was not until 1982 when Ribera del Duero received the DO status: “Designation of Origin”. At that time there were only 9 winemakers in the region, while nowadays there are about 270 wine producers in the area!

The climate in the Ribero del Duero is quite extreme. Extreme hot summers, freezing cold winters and a big difference in day and night temperature. This allows the grapes to develop beautiful aromas, produce full wines but maintain a fine elegance.

One of the biggest names in Ribero del Duero is Vega Sicilia. The Valbueno 2002 and the Unico 2004 are included on our wine list!

Vega Sicilia began in 1864 with planting of grapes not far from Valladolid. To finally bottle the first wines in 1915. Vega Sicilia establishes its reputation for good in 1929 at the World Fair in Barcelona.

The absolute top is Unico. The wine Unico is my personal favorite, made from the very oldest and best vineyards of the domain. The wine gets 6 years of barrel aging and then another 4 years in the bottle. The duration of the aging for exceptional year is up to nine years. On average, the blend consists of 90% Tinto Fino and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a very intense wine where the aromas of the wood are completely integrated in the wine.