I often get asked ‘’what is your favorite wine?’’. There isn’t one answer to that question. It is like asking ‘’what is your favorite song?’’. It depends on who I am with, where I am, the moment, the weather etc. For every occasion, the perfect wine would be different.

While writing this, the sun starts to shine, spring has begun! It is still cold outside, but the sun is shining. Which wine would I choose right now?

My choice is a glass of Massifitti, a white wine made in the Soave, Veneto region in Italy. The winery is called Suavia, where mother and daughters make classic, but also more terroir wines. Massifitti is grown on volcanic soils, where the wine is made from Trebbiano de Sova grapes. The wine is aged for more than one year in stainless steel tanks. Therefore, the wine gets a creamy character without losing its freshness. The aromas contain fruits and flowers and in the taste you will find fruit, creaminess, but also minerality, coming from the volcanic soil the grapes grow on.

Because the wine has a lot of complexity and intensity, it is very suitable to combinewith food.

In Restaurant Vinkeles, the wine pairs perfectly with a dish based on Dutch white ‘Krombek’ beans. The beans are served in a creamy sauce with Parmesan, egg yolk and on top, freshly grated winter truffle. The creamy character of the wine works with the fattiness of the dish. It can handle the flavors, but adds the freshness as well. At the end of the combination, the truffle flavor comes out nicely. And let’s be honest, what’s better than that!