As a Sommelier, I love a lot of different wines and grapes. But of course, there are some wines more than others that peak my interest and have a special place in my heart.

One of those special loves is the Riesling Grape. This grape has the unique capability to create a wide variety of different sorts of wines. Riesling is not directly a sweet wine, although there is usually that assumption. The characterizing aspects of the Riesling are the ascetic tones that make the wine alive and not too heavy. Riesling is a very diverse grape; it can be produced as a sparkling wine, like Sekt in Germany. However, it can also be used to make very fresh and strong-tasting wines. It creates a very rich and full taste when this wine is aged on oaken barrels. Of course, this grape is still very well suited to be used as a sweet wine.

Everybody knows Riesling mostly for its wines out of Germany and the Elzas region. But did you know that this wine has its roots all over the world? Think of Austria, Italy but also Australia and America, places where they make beautiful wine. Due to this reason it is no surprise that one of our house wines is made of the Riesling grape.

We started serving a new wine year out of our own Cuvee, The Dylan a few weeks ago. These Riesling grapes originate from a steep hill in Mosel Germany by Bernard Eifel. What makes it very special is that he makes his wines with his daughter in Trittenheim. In this wine the typical aromatic Riesling really takes its stage with tones of apple, pear but also a little citrus. However, in the flavor you really taste those fruits with a little freshness and a small bitter, which really peaks your interest. Full of joy I am able to say that this year we are able maximize the Riesling fun with the prestigious Magnum size.

I look forward to welcoming you at The Dylan Amsterdam soon, so you may enjoy this lovely and full-flavored wine!


Natasja Noorlander – Sommelier

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