A personal favourite of mine is the ‘Gemischter Satz Nussberg’ from Weingut Wieninger from Austria. The vines cover the hills around the city of Wein and showcase a unique blend.

Normally Wineries harvest their grapes and afterwards blend the diverse types to create individual wines. The interesting part about the Gemischter Satz wine its blending process is already made in the vineyard itself. Throughout the vineyard, a brand variety of grapes are planted together. All of them with an individual ripening period.

When harvested, all at the same time, this creates a mixture of ripe grapes, overripe grapes and not fully ripe grapes… which all contribute into a full flavoured wine. Each zip, just as surprising as the next due to the acidity of the unripe grapes, the full taste of the overripe grapes and the strong body finish by the ripe grapes.

The classification for this wine requires at least three varieties of grapes. In the Weingut Wieninger even 9 verities; Weissburgunder, Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Neuburger, Sylvaner, Zierfandlerm Welschriesling, Rotgipfler and Traminer.

At Vinkeles I like to pair the Gemitschter Satz with the Dutch “Oosterschelde” lobster. The combination of the different rich tastes of the lobster and sauce, with the freshness of the asparagus and bear leaf makes it perfect for me.

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Natasja Noorlander – Sommelier