Amsterdam goes a little crazy when spring hits the city. After the rain, the snow, the cold and the dark, that first, hesitant day of pre-spring, is pure oxygen. And out we all go, on our bikes, kids and dogs strapped in their seats, no gloves on, winter coats flapping in the wind. It may still feel like winter, but spring has begun. And if there ever was a city made for spring, it’s Amsterdam. 

The Dylan Spring Selection for April 2017:

Camera in Love
Exposition: Camera in Love.The Stedelijk Museum presents the largest overview of the photographic and film work of Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990) in twenty-five years. A unique figure, Van der Elsken was renowned as a street photographer and is recognized as the most important Dutch photographer of the 20th century.
4 Feb – 21 May 

Tulip Festival
Follow a route by foot or bike along parks and squares, lanes and canals, gardens and beds to find the most cheerful of tulips, in open ground or in beautiful big pots.The Tulip Festival wants to bring back the tulip in the city streets with the aim to eventually plant one tulip for each individual citizen of Amsterdam.
1 April – 15 May 

Martin Bril, one of Netherland’s most popular writers, coined the word Rokjesdag; Skirts Day, to describe that first pretty day in spring where all women simultaneously decide it’s time to take their skirt out. The word has been commercialized, to the point where there even is a skirts day marathon. Although it is a contradiction to plan Rokjesdag in advance, it may still be fun to watch.
2 April

Plants market
Insider Tip: Pretty cobbled Amstelveld, embraced by the Prinsengracht and the Utrechtsestraat, holds a plants market each Monday morning. Pick up some bulbs or a nice bouquet, order coffee at one of the cafe’s overlooking the square and watch how locals strap entire trees on the backs of their bikes.
Every Monday from 9.00 am – 14.00 pm

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