When blessed with the essential summer sun, spending your holidays in the bustling city of Amsterdam is probably one of the best ideas. The charming streets light up and the famous canals are filled with boats and joyful people.

Amsterdam’s citizens could not agree more: navigating through the canals by boat is one of the greatest pleasures of the city. Revel in the sun, celebrate a special occasion, have an extraordinary dinner or rather enjoy the overwhelming, iconic canal view. Bring a whole other dimension to your boat trip and make sure to add some stops. Amsterdam offers an abundance of intimate streets and squares to add an authentic touch to your day.

A perfect drop out would be around the well-known ‘nine little streets’, covered with picturesque details, local boutiques, eateries and art galleries. Art has always been – and still is- a big part of this area. Dutch Accent for example exhibits Dutch paintings of land- and cityscapes in a diversity of styles, and simultaneously acts as a shop offering exclusive presents and souvenirs.

Up for some relaxation? In the surroundings you’ll find some magnificent terraces such as the hidden and peaceful City Garden of The Dylan. A charming and intimate terrace in the middle of this bubbling borough, and therefore awarded by Talkies for the Best Terrace in 2016. Just steps away you’ll encounter some impeccable so-called ‘hidden hofjes’. These courtyards are extremely quiet and surrounded by pretty buildings. Many of these ‘hofjes’ are open for public and are absolutely worth visiting. Only 1 km from The Dylan you’ll find the city’s ‘green lung: the Vondelpark. A place where buskers, cyclists, pedestrians, skaters and book lovers all convene to luxuriate in Amsterdam’s greenery. On top of that Amsterdam offers some other marvelous, leafy sneak-outs. Think of ‘Oosterpark’, ‘Westerpark’, ‘Sarphatipark’ or ‘Blijburg’, in which the latter even offers a beach. All soothing and dazzling, where Amsterdam’s true taste encounters and any possible concerns diminish.

Chances are high that you won’t feel ready to leave this cobbled city after only spending one day. Make sure to enjoy Amsterdam to the fullest by reserving a relaxing room at The Dylan Amsterdam. 

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