Tea is having a moment and although it has always been a popular drink, there is a renewed interest in it from across the globe and here in The Netherlands.

There are now more high quality loose-leaf teas available along with products to enhance the tea-drinking experience. Bar Brasserie OCCO is jumping on the tea bandwagon and is launching new seasonal tea infusions and delicious cocktails.

OCCO’s tea season kicks off with warming winter tea, a bespoke blend of two teas Baobab from Senegal and Ceylon from Sri Lanka combined with cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cardamom, fresh orange peel and a drizzle of pine honey. The result is a wonderfully aromatic tea which will warm the soul. This blend also gives a nod to the history of Holland and the time of the VOC (Dutch East India Trading Company), at the height of spice trading involving the sale of cloves, pepper, cinnamon and also tea and coffee.

On February the 11th, OCCO will host a special workshop, ‘Tea by Tea’ led by tea sommelier Kiona Malinka, the founder of Crusio, who will guide guests through the art of the perfect cup of tea using the freshest tea leaves and delicious food pairings. During this workshop, special tea cocktails will be served. It will be an unmissable afternoon of tasting and inspiration.

This workshop can also be booked for groups and parties.

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