The Dylan’s own non-alcoholic gin and tonic

A so-called high-ball glass filled to the brim with ice cubes. VirGIN, mixed with a mild Fever Tree tonic, and a thinly sliced wedge of lime. A perfectly balanced mix which brings out the very best of all the delicious aromas and flavours. The perfect drink for an autumn’s afternoon, or as a refreshing appetizer.

The Dylan’s gin and tonic is a unique cocktail in every aspect. The remarkable quality and refreshing taste obviously play a significant part. But what really sets this gin and tonic apart from all the others, is the key ingredient. A non-alcoholic gin, which was specially made by the hotel.

As you have probably noticed; gin is on the rise in bars and restaurants in Amsterdam. Vodka may still hold the title of the most poured drink in the capital, with a growth of over 10 percent per year, gin is catching up rather rapidly. Gin, and especially the immense populair gin and tonic cocktail, is back. Until the eighties gin was the most populair of spirits in the city. Mainly as a key cocktail ingredient.

VirGIN, The Dylan’s home made gin brand, is a perfect addition to the wide variety of existing brands. With the delicious non-alcoholic gin, and the perfect mix with tonic, you will enjoy an excellent cocktail, without risking a hangover. Life is sweet!

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