Last week, we featured our first OCCO cocktail. This week the World Class Cocktail will make you want to visit OCCO as soon as possible.

For many of us our taste for Tequila was ruined at a very young age, most probably in a very sinister bar that we will thankfully never remember again.

And that’s a shame. Good Tequila is impossibly smooth and should be enjoyed slowly and attentively. So lay off the salt and lime and give it a go. For this cocktail, OCCO adds lavender syrup, pear and lime to create a fruity, sweet and fragrant brew that will win you over for ever.

If you are still hesitant about trading your good old gin and tonic for a Mexican adventure, this might do the trick: word around town is that vermouth is almost as passé as gin already is (stop ordering those G&T’s) and that next year everything will be Tequila. So impress your friends and be the first to tell them what a world-class drink this actually is.

World Class Cocktail – Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Lime juice, lavender syrup

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